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Crash Course in Responsive Web Design

Crash Course in Responsive Web Design

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About the course

Responsive web design is used to make sure that a site is optimized for any device. In this course, you will learn to create three optimized sites and walk through the complete process of building these websites.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Know how to use relative units and media queries to create websites that can be viewed across devices of all sizes.
  • Explain the techniques of Responsive Web Design to others.
  • Boost your hireability through innovative and independent learning.
  • Get a certificate on successful completion of the course.
Target Audience

The course can be taken by:

Students: All students who are pursuing any technical and professional courses related to computer science/Information Technology.

Teachers/Faculties: All computer science teachers/faculties who wish to acquire new skills.

Professionals: All web development professionals, who wish to upgrade their skills.

Why learn Responsive Web Design?

Being a web developer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your websites remain legible and visually appealing across a variety of devices. Using responsive design techniques increases the accessibility of your website to a much larger number of users. Responsive Web Design has entered with a bang and made a comfortable place for itself amongst the most happening technologies of the day. With the numbers of handheld devices being sold increasing every year, website owners are keener than ever to have websites that will provide a good user experience across all platforms. This requires a lot of developers with knowledge of Responsive Web Design techniques, which ultimately leads to excellent career prospects.

Course Features
  • 24X7 Access: You can view lecture as per your own convenience.
  • Online lectures: ~45 minutes of online lecture with high-quality video.
  • Updated Quality content: Content is latest and gets updated regularly to meet the current industry demands.
Test & Evaluation

There will be a final test containing a set of multiple choice questions. Your evaluation will include the scores achieved in the final test.

  1. The access to the course can be extended 3 months at a time (for upto 4 times) just by sending a mail requesting for an extension to the email id in the footer.
  2. The hard copy of the certificate shall be shipped to your registered address or your college
  3. There is no soft copy of the certificate.
  4. To get access to the certificate - you need to take the online exam at the end of the course

No prerequisites