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Crash Course in AngularJS

Crash Course in AngularJS

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About the course

This course will clear up all of the jargon in AngularJS through a number of examples. The course will cover the Model View Controller pattern and how it works with AngularJS. It will then provide you with examples that explain AngularJS Modules, Directives, Scope, and Expressions. Beyond those topics, the course also covers dependency injection, ng-app, ng-init, ng-controller, ng-model, event handling, data-ng-bind, ng-repeat, multiple views, multiple controllers, ng-cloak, $index, $first, $last, $middle, $even, $odd, ng-repeat-start, ng-repeat-end, ng-include, ng-switch, ng-switch-when, ng-disabled, ng-hide, ng-show, ng-class and much more.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Get familiar with client-side Javascript frameworks and the Angular framework.
  • Use various Angular features including directives, components and services.
  • Implement a functional front-end web application using Angular.
  • Boost your hireability through innovative and independent learning.
  • Get a certificate on successful completion of the course.
Target Audience

The course can be taken by:

Students: All students who are pursuing any technical / professional courses related to computer science / Information Technology.

Teachers/Faculties: All computer science teachers/faculties who wish to acquire new skills.

Professionals: All web development professionals, who wish to upgrade their front-end development skills.

Why learn AngularJS?

AngularJS has undergone significant changes between its versions and has drastically improved for the better. There has been an improvement in every single component of Angular. The experimental MVC framework has now been a well supported stable framework. AngularJS focus and aims to work on fast and modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 8, Android, iOS6+ etc which helps in a way to keep the codebase of Angular short as well as to support the latest features without any tension of backward compatibility. Due to its features, AngularJS suddenly appeared to dominate any discussion on framework related to JavaScript. The fact that Google made Angular probably makes it a safer choice for people now and in coming years but one can never predict the performance of new frameworks which can come up in some years. For now, even the large companies prefer to go the Angular way as it easily integrates with other frameworks such as Telerik’s Kendo UI, Ionic, Wijmo, and others. Developers love to work with AngularJS for Application Development as the coding has been reduced and complexity is also less. Regarding JavaScript framework, Angular is an outstanding framework a standout amongst the most mainstream and generally utilized. As of now been utilized to build the web and mobile applications.

Course Features
  • 24X7 Access: You can view lecture as per your own convenience.
  • Online lectures: ~45 minutes of online lecture with high-quality video.
  • Updated Quality content: Content is latest and gets updated regularly to meet the current industry demands.
Test & Evaluation

There will be a final test containing a set of multiple choice questions. Your evaluation will include the scores achieved in the final test.

  1. The access to the course can be extended 3 months at a time (for upto 4 times) just by sending a mail requesting for an extension to the email id in the footer.
  2. The hard copy of the certificate shall be shipped to your registered address or your college
  3. There is no soft copy of the certificate.
  4. To get access to the certificate - you need to take the online exam at the end of the course

No prerequisite

Topics to be covered

I'll then provide examples that explain AngularJS Modules, Directives, Scope, and Expressions.Beyond those topics I'll also cover dependency injection,

  • ng-app
  • ng-init
  • ng-controller
  • ng-model, event handling
  • data-ng-bind
  • ng-repeat
  • multiple views
  • multiple controllers
  • ng-cloak
  • $index
  • $first
  • $last
  • $middle
  • $even
  • $odd
  • ng-repeat-start
  • ng-repeat-end
  • ng-include
  • ng-switch
  • ng-switch-when
  • ng-disabled
  • ng-hide
  • ng-show
  • ng-class