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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

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About the course

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification course helps you in gaining an overall understanding of AWS Cloud platform. The course provides you a good understanding of cloud concepts and AWS services such as AWS Cloud formation, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), S3 Bucket, CloudFront, Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Elastic Beanstalk, and more. In addition, the course also provides you an overview of basic security and architecture principles, core characteristics of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud, pricing, and technical assistance. This overall understanding will further help you to evaluate on how AWS proves to be beneficial both in individual goals as well as the goals of the organization. The course will also prepare you for the certification exam for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

Credit Score  = 6+1+20+(12+1+30) = 70 (Formula to calculate credit score is available here)
Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of AWS cloud and infrastructure
  • Understand the AWS Cloud architectural principles
  • Understand the Key services on the AWS
  • Understand the Security and compliance and the shared security model
  • Understand the Billing and account management
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud
  • Appear in the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam
Target Audience

The course can be taken by:

Students: All students who are pursuing any technical / professional courses and are looking forward to gain AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.

Teachers/Faculties: All teachers/faculties who wish to acquire new skills or improve their efficiency in Amazon Web Services.

Professionals: All working professionals, who wish to acquire new skills or who need to gain a high level overview of Amazon Web Services.

Why learn AWS Cloud Practitioner course?

With the increasing focus on cloud computing and infrastructure over the last several years, the demand for cloud professionals has significantly increased worldwide. Many organizations have moved to cloud platforms for better scalability, mobility, and security, and therefore are actively looking for people with knowledge of AWS cloud platform and services. AWS cloud practitioner certification course will not only validate your technical skills, but will also help you advance your expertise. Once you are AWS Certified, you will be eligible for perks that help you show off your achievements and keep learning. In addition to this, AWS Cloud Practitioner certification will enhance your professional credibility, which leads you to a bright career as a cloud professional. According to a study by Goldman Sachs, cloud computing is one of the top three initiatives planned by IT executives as they make cloud infrastructure an integral part of their organizations. Moreover, cloud professionals are among the highest paid professionals in the IT industry. According to Forbes, enterprise IT architects with cloud computing expertise are earning a median salary of $137,957.

Course Features
    • 24X7 Access: You can view lectures as per your own convenience.
    • Online lectures: ~6 hours hours of online lectures with high-quality videos.
    • Updated Quality content: Content is latest and gets updated regularly to meet the current industry demands.
  1. The access to the course can be extended 3 months at a time (for upto 4 times) just by sending a mail requesting for an extension to the email id in the footer.
  2. The hard copy of the certificate shall be shipped to your registered address or your college
  3. There is no soft copy of the certificate.
  4. To get access to the certificate - you need to take the online exam at the end of the course


  • General IT technical knowledge
  • General IT business knowledge
  • Basic understanding of IT services and their uses in the AWS Cloud platform
  • At least six months of experience with the AWS Cloud in any role, including technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial will be very helpful
  • Introduction
  • Getting Setup On A Mac - Lab
  • About the Exam
  • Cloud Computing or AWS
  • Around the World with AWS
  • Setup Alarm
  • Identity Access management - Lab - I
  • Identity Access management - Lab - II
  • Let's Create S3 Bucket!
  • Let's Create A Website On S3
  • Cloud Front
  • Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Let's Use EC2 - LAB
  • Using the AWS Command line - Lab
  • Using Roles
  • Let's Build a WebServer
  • Let's Use A Load Balancer
  • Create Database
  • Let's Provision an RDS Instance
  • Let's setup Autoscaling
  • Let's Buy a Domain Name!
  • Let's Look at Elastic Beanstalk
  • Let's Look at Cloudformation - Lab
  • Architecting for the Cloud Part - 1
  • Architecting for the Cloud Part - 2
  • Summary of Cloud Concepts and Technology
  • Billing & Pricing
  • AWS Support Plans
  • Tagging & Resource
  • AWS Organizations & Consolidated Billing
  • AWS Quick Starts & AWS Landing Zones - Lab
  • AWS Calculators
  • Billing & Pricing Summary
  • Compliance On AWS
  • AWS Shared Responsibility Model
  • AWS WAF & AWS Shield
  • AWS Inspector vs AWS Trusted Advisor vs CloudTrail
  • Security Summary
  • Schedule Exam

As a part of this program, you are required to do project work. The project specifications have been drawn in consultation with the industry. The project work has to meet these specifications and can be done in group of upto 5 members.

Create a powerpoint presentation of at least 30 slides on (any 2 of the following): 2 PPTs of 30 slides each (max time 30 slides per minute).

  • What is AWS, its features and benefits
  • AWS and its usage across the globe
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), its features and working
  • How to create an S3 bucket in AWS
  • How to create a web application on S3
  • Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) and how to use it
  • How to build a web server using AWS
  • Database in AWS and how it is created
  • What is Amazon CloudFront
  • What is AutoScaling and how it is set up
  • Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) and how it is used
  • Elastic Beanstalk and its usage
  • Cloudformation and architecture for the Cloud Part
  • AWS Billing & Pricing , Support Plans, Tagging & Resource
  • AWS Organizations & Consolidated Billing
  • AWS Quick Starts & AWS Landing Zones
  • AWS Calculators and Compliance on AWS
  • AWS Shared Responsibility Model, AWS WAF & AWS Shield
  • AWS Inspector, AWS Trusted Advisor, and CloudTrail, and comparison between them

Please make sure that these programs are not copied from any sources and are based on your own research / learning from the course.