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MongoDB Books

MongoDB Books


MongoDB Cookbook by Amol Nayak


  • MongoDB Cookbook by Amol Nayak is a succinct, yet thorough, cookbook for anyone interested in working with MongoDB.
  • A very good book in the cookbook style.
  • MongoDB Cookbook covers many administrative and programming matters.
  • Excellent
  • I found updated information on this book
  • Easy to read with lots of concise examples.


MongoDB: The Definitive Guide 1st Edition by Kristina Chodorow and Michael Dirolf


  • It is a good first book, for those who what to scratch the surface of MongoDB.
  • Very impressive and powerful book. Thanks Kristina & Michael.
  • Super useful, helpful diagrams; guides you through setup to more advanced topics.
  • Very good and up to date book. All the basis about mongoDB are there, and many more...
  • Very informative on how Mongodb works with some great use cases.


MongoDB in Action by Kyle Banker


  • It covers the product very well. The explanations are clear and detailed enough.
  • Very good book. Easy to read and lots of examples.
  • It touches everything but in a concise fashion.
  • It's simple to read and understand, maybe because MongoDB is simple or maybe because the book is simple.
  • It was a fast read that gave me all the knowledge I need.


MongoDB Basics 1st Edition by Peter Membrey, David Hows, and Eelco Plugge


  • I think this book is superb for the novice who knows nothing about MongoDB!
  • I found the book easy to read and follow.
  • Good info for beginners, I recommend it.
  • Covers the basics. Also covers a little bit of Geospatial operations and GridFS.
  • A good starter book before advancing to the reference material on the website.


Data Modeling for MongoDB by Steve Hoberman


  • Excellent book by Steve, clear, concise and easy to consume!
  • This is another good book by Steve Hoberman. I recommend the book.
  • Bravo, Mr. Hoberman for this excellent reference material.
  • I think that this is an excellent read even if you are not doing MongoDB.
  • If you need to build a system that is well designed ans supportable, this should be the first book you pick up.
  • I highly recommend this book.


NoSQL with MongoDB in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself 1st Edition by Brad Dayley


  • Excellent book cover all topics step by step with a good examples and a good theory in order to understand better the new paradigm.
  • This one will is typical and informative
  • You are going to be able to nail down and get an understanding of NOSQL, hitting it chapter by chapter.
  • The author shows you how to work with various languages: PHP, Java, Python and Node.js. Enough to get a budding programmer on the road
  • It walks you through the basics of NOSQL. If you know SQL, then NOSQL is something that you must learn as it ubiquity is evident.


Scaling MongoDB by Kristina Chodorow


  • It's a great book on Mongo, succinct and complete.
  • Great information, and very useful.
  • An enjoyable quick reading if you already know about MongoDB and you need more processing power.
  • The book is an enjoyable introduction to scaling MongoDB.


MongoDB Applied Design Patterns by Rick Copeland


  • The book makes it very clear that document-based databases is the future of data in the web.
  • The book is very comprehensive and Copelands gets to the point really fast which is what I like on this book.
  • One of the most useful books which illustrates how to apply mongoDB to solve real world problems.
  • A well written book, that if you have already worked with MongoDB you will be able to read quickly and learn from examples provided.

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