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Suggestions & FeedbackLast post
Suggestions & FeedbackSomething you like or don't like about the site? Have some suggestions that might make ICT@IITK better? Please Let us know!
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By Iyer Ashu
1 week ago
General DiscussionLast post
General DiscussionAlmost anything goes here that is not covered by the other forums eg Registration, Certification, etc
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AzureLast post
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IntroductionsLast post
IntroductionsIntroduce yourself to the community!
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ScrumLast post
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C++ ProgrammingLast post
C ProgrammingLast post
Fundamental of Database StructureLast post
Introduction to ProgrammingLast post
Python ProgrammingLast post
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R ProgrammingLast post
MySQLLast post
JAVA ProgrammingLast post
Mobile ComputingLast post
Mobile DevelopmentMobile Development
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