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Azure Analysis Services

Azure Analysis Services

Azure Analysis Services

About the course

Azure Analysis Services delivers enterprise-grade BI modeling capabilities with the scale, flexibility and management benefits of the cloud. Azure Analysis Services helps you transform complex data into actionable insights. Azure Analysis Services is built on the proven analytic engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.Azure Analysis Services is a new preview service in Microsoft Azure where you can host semantic data models. Users in your organization can then connect to your data models using tools like Excel, Power BI and many others to create reports and perform ad-hoc data analysis.

In this course on Azure Analysis Services, the user will get an introduction to all the components and how they interact, along with key terminology and tools associated with designing and implementing an Azure Analysis Services. The course modules will have a detailed description of setting up the Azure analysis services, along with working with tabular project, measures and partition. This course comprises of video lectures which can be viewed online and offline as per the convenience of the user. It also has questions for hands on practice. So, this makes it all together a complete package.


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  1. Module1-Set Up

    1. Introduction to Azure Analysis Services

    2. Prerequisites

    3. Create an Azure VM - 1

    4. Create an Azure VM - 2

    5. Connect to VM

    6. Setup VM

    7. Setting up Analysis Services Tabular Instance

    8. Restoring AdventureWorks DW

    9. Installing Development Environment - SSDT - 1

    10. Installing Development Environment - SSDT - 2

    11. Viewing SSDT

    12. Installing PowerPivot

    13. Why Azure Anlaysis Services

  2. Module2-Working with the Tabular Project

    1. Create a Tabular Project

    2. Famililarizing yourself with the Environment

    3. Import Data from Data Source

    4. Filtering the columns

    5. Filtering other columns

    6. Viewing the Imported Data Model

    7. Renaming a Column

    8. Create Relationships

    9. Calculated Column - 1

    10. Calculated Column - 2

  3. Module3-Measures, Partitions

    1. Creating Margin Column

    2. Create a Measure - 1

    3. Create a Measure - 2

    4. Create a Measure - 3

    5. Create a Measure - 4

    6. Create a Measure - 5

    7. Renaming Measures

    8. Introduction to KPI

    9. Create a KPI

    10. Introduction to Perspectives

    11. Creating Perspectives

    12. Introduction to Hierarchy

    13. Create Hierarchy

    14. Introduction to Partitioning

    15. Create Partition - 1

    16. Create Partition - 2

  4. Module4-Analyze & Deploy

    1. Introduction to Roles

    2. Creating Roles

    3. Connect in Excel

    4. Analyze data in Excel

    5. Translations

    6. Deployment Methods

    7. Deployment - 1

    8. Deployment on Azure VM

    9. Connect to the Deployed model from Excel

    10. Connect to the Deployed model from Power BI - 1

    11. Connect to the deployed model from Power BI - 2

    12. Create Azure Analysis Services

    13. Deploy to Azure Analysis Services

    14. Exploring Web Designer - 1

    15. Exploring Web Designer - 2

    16. Conclusion

  5. Azure Analysis Services Final Quiz