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About the course

This course helps transform the learners to quality web application developers in Dot net domain, who can add value to the growing IT industry. ASP.NET MVC is a server-side web framework for building dynamic, data-driven web applications. Since its first release in 2009, it has gained a lot of popularity amongst developers using Microsoft technologies. This course will teach the users to develop advanced ASP.NET MVC applications using .NET Framework tools and technologies. The focus will be on coding activities that enhance the performance and scalability of a web application. ASP.NET MVC will be introduced and compared with Web Forms so that users know when each should/could be used. This course comprises of video lectures which can be viewed online and offline as per the convenience of the user. It also has questions for hands on practice. So, this makes it all together a complete package.


This course provides the user, the understanding of the the benefits of MVC design over traditional ASP.NET Web Forms. The course provides knowledge on role of Model, View and Controller in integrating them to develop complete web application. The user will also understand how Routing API maps requests to action methods in controller. This course covers Razor Syntax Fundamentals, Layout View, Sections and Partial Views, Architecture of Config File, App Settings, Exception Handling and Encrypting Connection String, Sharing data across requests from same client/user using Cookies and Session management etc. So, this course is a comprehensive package for the learners who are looking forward to learn MVC.



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  1. Creating the M V & C components in Web app

    1. Introduction to ASP.NET Core MVC

    2. Creating a Project

    3. How web app displays the page

    4. Adding a Controller

    5. Views in MVC

    6. Creating a View

    7. Creating a Model

    8. Generating Views & Controllers on Model

    9. Analysing the generated Views & Controllers

    10. Migrations in .NET Core

    11. Putting it all together

    12. Seeding the database - 1

    13. Seeding the database - 2

  2. MVC Web app - Advanced

    1. Analyzing Controller methods - 1

    2. Analyzing Controller methods - 2

    3. Search Functionality - 1

    4. Search Functionality - 2

    5. Adding a new field

    6. Validation Logic

    7. How validation works

    8. Startup & Program classes

  3. Working with Entity Framework Core

    1. Creating models for Public School App

    2. Generating Context files, Seeding data for Public School App

    3. Scaffold controllers & views

    4. Add table to Details page

    5. Sorting data in table

    6. Adding Search

    7. Grouping data

    8. Pagination - 1

    9. Pagination - 2

    10. Pagination - 3

  4. Improving upon the model

    1. Creating advanced model

    2. Creating the model in Visual Studio

    3. Creating Composite key

    4. Seeding DB

    5. Migrations

  5. Handling related data

    1. Important concepts to understand in LINQ

    2. Creating Course page with related department

    3. Plan for the Instructor page

    4. Create Domain Model for Instructor

    5. Instructor Controller

    6. Displaying courses and Enrollments

    7. Creating the Views for Instructors

    8. Inheritance - 1

    9. Inheritance - 2

  6. Performance improvement

    1. Bundling & Minification - 1

    2. Bundling & Minification - 2

    3. Using Gulp - 1

    4. Using Gulp - 2

    5. Summary

  7. ASP.NET Core MVC Final Quiz