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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar for 2018-19 (Tentative), E & ICT Academy, IIT Kanpur

Learning path Course Code Apr-18 May-18 Jun-18 Jul-18 Aug-18 Sep-18 Oct-18 Nov-18 Dec-18 Jan-19 Feb-19 Mar-19
Computer Science CSE  D-M3  DA-M3  P-M11  P-M12  CSE-13  CSE-14  CSE-16  CSE-17  CSE-23  CSE-19  CSE-35  CSE-36
   DA-M4   CSE-15  CSE-24 CSE-26  CSE-34  CSE-33  CSE-30 CSE-18    
CSE-28  DA-M5   CSE-22   CSE-25 CSE-27 CSE-20 CSE-21        
Electronics EC  EC-5  ME-1  EC-11  EC-12  SI-I4    EC-17  EC-20        
 EC-6  EC-8  AI-M4                  
 EC-7  EC-9  SI-I3    EC-22              
 EC-3  NW-1  EC-10    EC-23              
Management M  M-S5      M-S7    M-S9  HS-M2  HS-M3 M-S11  M-S12    


Code Title
CSE-14 Comprehensive Ethical Hacking Course – Beginner to Advanced (In Hindi)
CSE-15 Crash Course in Objective C (In Hindi)
CSE-16 Learn ExpressJS Framework in ~1 hour (In Hindi)
CSE-17 Learn Responsive Web Design in ~45 minutes (In Hindi)
CSE-18 Practical Java Programming from scratch
CSE-19 Computer System Security
CSE-20 Learn Ruby Programming in ~50 minutes (In Hindi)
CSE-21 Crash Course in Python (In Hindi)
HS-M2 Brief introduction to Psychology
HS-M3 Emotional Intelligence
M-S9 Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting
EC-20 Basic Electronics
CSE-13 Learn TypeScript Programming in ~60 minutes (In Hindi)
DA-M5 R Programming – A Practical Approach (In Hindi)
CSE-22 Introduction to Photoshop (In Hindi)
CSE-23 Develop Website From Scratch Using WordPress (In Hindi)
CSE-24 Advanced Excel Techniques (In Hindi)
CSE-25 Introduction to Joomla (In Hindi)
CSE-26 Introduction to Blockchain (In Hindi)
CSE-27 Comprehensive Linux Course-Beginner to Advanced (In Hindi)
EC-22 Antennas Part 1 – Fundamentals of Antennas
EC-23 Antennas Part 2 – Microstrip Antennas
EC-24 Antennas Part 3 – Complex Antennas
CSE-29 Learn NodeJS, Express and MongoDB (In Hindi)
CSE-28 Python Programming – A Practical Approach (In Hindi)
CSE-35 Crash Course in Swift 3 Programming (In Hindi)
Code Title
D-M3 Data Base Management System
EC-5 Embedded Systems Design
EC-6 VLSI Physical Design
EC-7 High Performance Computer Architecture
EC-3 Electronic Design and Automation
M-S5 Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality
HS-M1 Business English Communications
DA-M3 Data Mining
DA-M4 Data Science for Engineers
ME-1 Basics of Finite Element Analysis
EC-8 Control engineering
EC-9 Computer Architecture
NW-1 Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
P-M11 Data Structures and Algorithms
EC-11 Computer Sc - Introduction to Computer Graphics
AI-M4 Artificial Intelligence-II
SI-I3 Information Security- II
EC-10 Computer - Logic for CS
M-S7 Introduction to Research
P-M12 Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms
EC-12 Complex Network : Theory and Application
CSE-30 Learn C++ in ~90 minutes (In Hindi)
CSE-31 Learn CSS3 in ~90 minutes (In Hindi)
CSE-33 Learn jQuery in ~100 minutes (In Hindi)
CSE-34 Learn Java Programming in ~50 minutes (In Hindi)
CSE-36 Learn Perl Programming in ~90 minutes (In Hindi)

Academic Calendar for 2017-18, E & ICT Academy, IIT Kanpur

Learning path Course Code Aug-17 Sep-17 Oct-17 Nov-17 Dec-17 Jan-18 Feb-18 Mar-18
Computer Science CSE  P-M1  P-M2  P-M5  P-M6  CC-M2  P-M7  P-M8  P-M10
 M-M1  P-M3  D-M2  DS-M1  W-I2  CC-M3  P-M9  D-M3
 D-M1  P-M4  CC-M1      AI-M2  W-I1  DA-M2
 DA-M1  PM-M1          SI-I1  W-I3
   AI-M1          SI-I2  
Electronics EC                AI-M3
Management M          M-S1    M-S2  M-S4
Code Title
P-M1 Introduction to Programming – A Practical Approach
P-M2 Java – A Practical Approach
P-M3 Python Programming – A Practical Approach
P-M4 C++ Programming A Practical Approach
P-M5 Java Collection Framework
P-M6 Introduction to Programming in C
CC-M1 Azure Data Lake
CC-M2 Azure Analysis Services
CC-M3 Cloud Computing
W-I1 Introduction to Internet of Things
AI-M2 Artificial Intelligence
SI-I2 Cryptography and Network Security
M-S2 Principles of Human Resource Management
M-S4 Speaking Effectively
DA-M2 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
EC-4 Hardware modeling using verilog


Code Title
PM-M1 Agile Software Development Framework
SI-I1 Introduction to Information Security
M-M1 Mobile Computing – A Practical Approach
D-M1 MySQL- A Practical Approach
DA-M1 R Programming – A Practical Approach
AI-M1 Machine Learning
D-M2 Fundamentals of Database System
W-I2 Azure Analysis Services
M-S1 Sales & Distribution Management
P-M7 Introduction to C#
P-M8 Problem solving through Programming In C
P-M9 Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
M-S3 Better Spoken English
EC-1 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
EC-2 Basic Electronics
AI-M3 AI:Constraint Satisfaction
P-10 Introduction To Problem Solving and Programming